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The content of this website has been moved to, the state administration's main website published on 1 July 2019.
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List of approved establishments – animal health

Assembly centres

updated: 10.4.2012



updated: 24.10.2012

Transporters of animals

updated: 20.11.2012

Semen collection and storage centres

updated: 17. 12. 2009


Embryo collection and production teams

updated: 1. 12. 2009

List of pripustnih postaj

updated: 1. 12. 2009

Quarantine facilities or centres

updated: 27. 1. 2016


Establishements for poultry

updated: 7.6.2012


Bodies, institutes and centres

zadnjič posodobljeno: 4.1. 2012


List of registred aquaculture production businesses (fishmolluscscrustaceans)

updated: 13. 1. 2017


List of approved aquaculture production businesses (fishmolluscscrustaceans)

updated: 29. 5. 2017

FISH FARMS free of VHS and IHN

updated: 20. 6. 2017

Register of laying hen rearing facilities

updated: 23.8.2012


Register of shelters for abandoned animals

updated: 10. 05. 2012


List of staging points

updated 13.12.2011


List of organisations holding concessions for implementing the DDD measures

updated: 27.10.2010



List of approved establishments - Laboratories

National reference laboratories

updated: 10.5.2011


Approved laboratories

updated: 1. 12. 2009

Other laboratories

updated: 1. 12. 2009


List of approved establishments – Animal by-products

Seznam odobrenih obratov v Sloveniji v skladu z Uredbo Evropske komisije 1774/2002 (List of establishments in Slovenia - Regulation (EC) No. 1774/2002)

updated 23.11.12



List of approved establishments – Export to Russia

List of establishments, approved for export to Russian Federation

updated 20-10-06



List of approved establishments – Veterinary public health

Register of establishments in Slovenia, approved for Intra-community trade

updated: 16.8.2013



List of approved establishments – Classification of Bivalve Mollusch harvesting Areas

Location, boundaries and  classification of Bivalve Mollusch harvesting Areas

Classification of Bivalve Mollusch harvesting Areas

updated: 4.9.2012



List of approved & registered establishments of feed business operator

List of approved feed businesses in accordance with Regulation 183/2005/EC

updated: 20. 5. 2019


List of registered feed businesses in accordance with Regulation 183/2005/EC
updated 20. 5. 2019

Records of feed business operators, who have been granted a specific authorisation or authorisation by AFSVSPP

updated 20. 5. 2019


- updated 1.2.2018


List of approved establishment – international, border

List of approved operators supplying cross border means of sea transport for non-conform goods

updated 2-4-07


List of approved free warehouses for non-conform goods

updated 2. 4. 2007

List of entry points and points of import (points of control) for the purposes of import of risky consignments of feed of non-animal origin from third countries

updated 2.6.2011