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PPP users shall use PPPs poperly, which includes the proper handling of PPPs at all stages from purchase on  and planning its use according to good plant protection practice. This means the practice whereby the treatments with PPPs applied to given plants or plant products, in conformity with the conditions of their authorised uses, are selected. dosed and timed to ensure acceptable efficacy with the minimum quantity necessary, taking due account of local conditions and of the possibilities for cultural and biological control.


PPPs shall be used in a way, that the direct contatct with humans is prevented. For the protection of the environment the user shall prevent the drift, drain flow and run off to:

– aquatic environment (surface and ground water),
– facilities for drinking-water supply,
– the neighbouring  cultivated plants and fields,

– residence areas, facilities for storing and processing plants and gricultural produce, facilities for animal care, beehives and others.


PPPs shall be used in accordance with instruction of use, following the warnings given on the label. The most suitable application method to principles of good plant protection practice and to the environment protection shall be applied. When handling PPPs, users shall comply with the provisions regulating health and safety at work. When treatments are carried out at night-time and in the vicinity of residence areas, public order regulations shall be respected.


The detailed proper use is regulated by Rules on proper use of PPPs. The Minister of agriculture has adopted new rules concerning the use of PPPs on public surfaces. From 1. 4. 2021 onwars herbicides will not be allowed for the use on railways and roads, and from 1. 10. 2019 onwards herbicides will not be allowed for the use on all other public surfaces. The additional grace period for the selling and use of stocks would not be granted after these dates. 


Rules on Integrated pest management (OJ RS, No 43/14) (Unofficial English translation) regulate the general principles of IPM and the new record keeping form on use of PPPs and other plant protection measures in Annex 1 and 2 of these rules.


More on Low risk methods and substances, organisms and preparations of which use has been regarded as low risk methods as defined by Article 5 of Rules on integrated pest management.


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