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For better information exchange concerning legislation, new technical knowledge, protection of human health and the environment; and proper use of PPPs, the additional training of PPP salespersons, advisors and users has been developed in RS since 1994.  After the new set of EU legislation in 2009, new implementation legislation in RS followed in 2012 - the new  Act on PPP (UL RS No 83/12) - English translation and  Rules on training in PPP (UL RS No 85/13 - English translation. Based on these new rules and public tender the training providers have been authorised in January 2014 for organisation of training in PPPs for the new period of 5 years. Training in PPPs has been compulsary for professional PPP users, sellers and advisors.


Candidates shall apply for the training at training providers by sending the application using the form attached below.  Also the data on training providers and timetables are available below.




List of training providers (Slovene)


Timetable of trainings planned (Slovene)


Application form (Slovene)


Checking the validity of training identification cards (Slovene)



The textbook for training on PPPs


The Administration has prepared together with the experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural institute of Slovenia a Textbook for the PPP  training and edited it in 2013.  The Textbook for additional training of advisor for PPPs, PPP salespersons and PPP users describes topics in proper use of PPPs, general integrated pest management principles, possible risk of PPPs to human health and the environment and obligations of the PPP users.


There are two versions of the Textbook: one for the training of advisors and salespersons, the other shorter version has been prepared for the training of PPP users.


The Textbook represents one of the measures described in the National Action Programme.



The Textbook for advisors and PPP salespersons (Slovene):


Temeljna načela dobre kmetijske prakse varstva rastlin in varne rabe fitofarmacevtskih sredstev



The Textbook for PPP users (Slovene):



Temeljna načela dobre kmetijske prakse varstva rastlin in varne rabe fitofarmacevtskih sredstev - vprašanja in odgovori


The Textbook in high resolution for printing (Slovene)


Temeljna načela ... FFS


Temeljna načela ... FFS - vprašanja in odgovori