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During the application of PPPs which are labled as dangerous to honey bees, the flowering undergrowth in plantations shall be cut down, or the contact with PPP shall be prevented in any other way. The use of systemic PPPs which are labelled as dangerous to honey bees is prohibited during the flowering period of cultivated plants. The use of contact PPPs which are labelled as dangerous to honey bees during the flowering period of cultivated plants is permitted at night-time, namely from two hours after the sunrise until two hours before the sunrise, if the use during flowering of cultivated plants is not prohibited entirely which shall be stated on the label.



With a view of implementing the third paragraph of Article 65 of Regulation 1107/2009/EC, protection of honey bees in the Republic of Slovenia involves a requirement that PPPs which are classfied as dangerous to honey bees are labelled with additional graphic symbol of a honey bee.  It is regulated by Article 9 and  Annex 1 toRegulation implementing Regulation (EC) ; (Annex II) concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market. The graphic symbol consists of a black honey bee on the white background with a red rim in the form of a square placed on the corner. The graphic symbol occupies at least one fifteenth of the surface of the label; however, the minimum surface shall not be smaller than 1 cm2. The symbol is to be placed onto the first side of the label.




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