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For the protection of consumers and the environment, prior to placing on the market and in use, the PPP application equipment shall comply with the prescribed conditions which provide the safe work and protection of the environment, as well as the appropriate application of PPPs on the treated surfaces. The inspection of application equipment has been implemented in Slovenia firstly around 1991 on voluntary basis. Few years later under the legisation of that time it became obligatory and well established in the Republic of Slovenia before the new EU set of legislation has been adopted in 2009.


With new Directive 128/2009/EC and new PPP Act in 2012 the inspection of PPP equipment in the Republic of Slovenia has been adjusted to new requirements: the PPP equipment shall be inspected every three years.


The detailed requirements and procedures have been defined in Rules on requirements as regards to proper operation of PPP application equipment and on conditions and mode of equipment inspection (UL RS, No 101/13); (English translation -articles only. The requirements defined by annexes comply with EN standards).


Based on new rules the public tender has been published and equipment inspectors have been designated for new period of 5 years in January 2014.


The Administration organise the operating system in cooperation with designated equipment inspectors for the inspection of PPP application equipment.


Inspection of PPP application equipment - Slovene Rules...  (English translation of Article part)


List of  PPP application equipment inspectors


Timetable of inspections of PPPs application equipment






The data on inspected application equipment have been stored into the database of the Administration. 

The data on active equipment having the inspection certificate can be downloaded from this LINK (in Slovenian language).


Directive 127/2009/EC concerning machinery for PPP application before they are placed on the maket . After 1st May 2013 the standard SIST EN ISO 16119-1-4:2013 applies to new equipment placed on the market that have been produced before 1st May 2013. 


Sprayers need to be in good order before the inspection. Here are the instructions, how to prepare the sprayer for the inspection in Slovene: Navodila


Beside the technical faultless of the sprayers it is also very important, what nozzles are used and how the sprayers have been adjusted for the use. Especially use of AD nozzles require the adjustment according to the pressure, forward speed, the capacity of blower, wind speed and similar. We have gathered some of the most common inconsistencies of use of AD in practice in Slovene: Napake ZZ šobe


Nozzles are classified into classes by droplet size and marked with a colour and letter symbols defined by international standards. The BCPC and ASABE standards for characterisation of nozzles are described in Slovene language in the following document: BCPC/ASABE


In 2015 a new standard for inspection of application equipment in use has been published: SIST EN ISO 16122 - 1-4:2015


 Based on this standard there are 4 documents in preparation in Slovene language, now in commenting period:


1. General

2. Field crop sprayers

3. Bush and tree crop sprayers

4. Fixed and semi mobile sprayers


 In addition to the standard, there is SPISE ADVICE available for certain procedures. One of them is in preparation to be published in Slovene language:  Inspection of trains and trucks