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Distribution of PPPs in the Republic of Slovenia shall comply with the requirements defined by PPP Act and Rules on conditions for distribution of PPPs and sales record keeping .


Only authorised or permitted PPPs are allowed to be placed on the market and used in RS. PPPs comprising dangerous substances shall be distributed by distributors duly authorised by the Administration only; complying with prescribed conditions. Authorised PPP distributors are entered into the register of distributors by the Administration. They are obliged to keep the record on sales of PPPs. The rules have been changed concerning the criteria for selling of PPPs for  non-professional use in April 2018. You may find more information on the following link:


Register of distibutors, forms, record keeping, selling and advertising; counterfeit products.


Introduction of PPPs

into the customs territory of EU is defined by PPP Act (21. article) and the Rules on points of entry (UL RS, 78/15); Unofficial English translation .




If there is a reasonable doubt that an authorised PPPs may have any negative impact to human health or to the environment, based on new scientific and technical knowledge, the minister restricts or bans the placing on the market and use of this PPP on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, or on certain areas.


Due to the risk of certain uses of certain PPPs to honeybees established, the minister banned the placing on the market and use of PPPs containing neonicotinoides for seed treatment and with these PPPs treated seed in 2011. Later this prohibition was implemented by the European Commission for the whole EU area.


Order on prohibition of placing on the market and use of certain PPPs on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia (UL RS  31/2011 in 83/12- ZFfS-1).




PPPs shall be used in appropriate regular manner. This shall comprise handling, storage and mixing of PPPs, protection of honeybees and the environment, prevention of drift, care for health and safety at work and good plant protection practice when PPPs is used.



According to PPP Act all users of PPPs for professional use shall undertake the training in the handling of PPPs.

Details on the training are define by Rules on training in PPPs (English translation).  More information on the link below:





Regular inspection of PPP application equipment is defined by PPP act and Rules on appropriate operation of PPP application equipment (Uradni list RS, št. 101/2013). More information on the link below: