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What are minor uses?

Minor uses are the uses of PPPs against harmful organisms control of which in RS authorised PPPs are not allowed for, or limited range of use of authorised PPPs is allowed due to very low volume of use and sale; and low interest of distributors; on agricultural plants which are grown within the territory of the Republic of Slovenia in low quantities and also the consumption of which is usually minor (see Table - List of plants - Minor uses (SI, EN)). Minor uses include also the uses of PPP which result from sporadic or specific harmful organisms that are limited to a certain location, also on agricultural plants grown in larger production size.


Considering the nature of minor uses this involves plants or agricultural plant/harmful organism combinations for which only a limited range of plant protection products may be available that do not provide for an efficient and sufficient protection of plants againt harmful organisms; the lack of a broader range of active substances for minor uses may lead to resistance.



Application for Minor uses of PPPs


The application for minor uses of PPPs may be submitted as the extension of already authorised PPPs.


The application for minor uses of PPPs may be submitted by: PPP authorisation holders, official or scientific agriculture entities, professional agricultural assotiations or professional users of PPPs.


Certain authorised PPP may be extended to minor uses if:


(a) the PPP has been authorised in RS;

(b) the  intended use is minor by definition above;

(c) the conditions of use comply with Regulation (EC) 1107/2009, Article 4 (3) (b), (d) and (e); and Article 29 (1) (i);

(d) the extension is in public interest;

(e) the applicant has submitted documentation and information to support the extension of use, especially the data on pesticide residues;  and data on operator, worker and bystander exposure if needed.


The application for minor use may be submitted also as mutual recognition from another Member State, if the use has been considered as minor in this MS as well; and the PPP has been authorised in RS.  In this case the procedure according to Article 41 of Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 apply.


Application form  (SI)


List of plants - Minor uses (SI, EN)