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 The Administration implement the supervision and official control in the area of PPPs according to the legislation





PPP unit implement the supervision of authorised entities for certain expert tasks, evaluate the possible risk of PPPs on the market or in use, evaluate the risk for PPPs in authorisation procedure and this way manage the risk before PPPs are placed on the market as only the safe uses evaluated according to international standards are alowed.  


In the case of new knowledge on bee poisonong incidents at the time of the sowing of the treated seeds the PPP unit prepared the following risk assesment (in Slovene):


Risk assessment of imidacloprid for honeybees


Due to negative impact assessment of neonicotinoides to honeybees the use of all neonicotinoides for seed treatment in Slovenia (and later in the whole EU area) has been withdrawn by the decision: 


The Decision on prohibition on placing on the market and use of certain PPPs in the Republic of Slovenia (Uradni list RS, št. 31/2011 in 83/12 - ZFfS-1).



Official control


The detailes on official control can be found in Work areas, Official control.